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by Richard

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A reel song.


twenty eleven and its a new year
but the same problems still coming through here
the same ole debts still piling up
with the same old haters trying to rile you up

you got same old cries from the folks without money
cause the same old guys got they hooks on that honey
same old crimes still being commited
while the same white crimes still being permitted

same old lies being sold every hour
and the same blank minds feeling cold and sour
still that same urge to splurge on things
cause happiness still comes from diamond rings

and the same young kids with the same ambitions
same mindset cause they see it in the pictures
so they write the same words with the same descriptions
and they all depict that same old fiction
i try to grind gears, bring that friction
be myself, im not on any mission
richard is as reel as tape
im biased and i hiss, i age and degrade

i warp and distort and present noise
my mind malleable as my old toys
and i break down like anybody would
but today im feeling like anybody should

i try to do things anybody could
yo take a deep breath, everybody good?
im not seeings stars like its hollywood
trying to see the world where everybody stood

trying to see the farmer out in his field
the teacher in the room, developing them skills
engineers working on they early builds
i wanna see people move, not standing still


released February 24, 2011
Produced by: Richard La



all rights reserved


Richard La San Jose, California

My name is Richard La. I make music and stuff. Feel free to browse around.

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